Pakistani immediately opens airspace for Indian flights. This decision came a day after when Pakistan rejected request from Indian authorities to open airspace for Indian flights. But Pakistan denied the request and said that there are no plans to open airspace for Indian flights.
Pakistan has restricted airspace since Indian fighter jets tried to cross Pakistani airspace and Indian plane was shot down by Pakistan Air force and Indian Pilot was arrested by Pakistani forces, later on Indian Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman was sent back to India as a friendly gesture.

This decision came just a day after when the request from Indian authorities was rejected.

Due to the blockage of a space for Indian flights, Indian operators are suffering too much laws to find some alternate routes to International traffic. Even some companies stopped and cancel the flights to and from India till the opening of airspace from Pakistan. Because alternate rules cost too much fuel consumption operating expenses become much more higher.

American career Delta cancelled its all flights to and from India due to the restrictions of airspace from Pakistan.

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