NASA InSight Mission, Launch, Travel, Landing and Deployment

InSight mission of NASA landed successfully on Mars buy 26th of November 2018.

Image Received from InSight after landing
Image Received from InSight after landing


A robotic lander design by Lockheed Martin to be operated by NASA. The project InSight costs approximately 830 million dollars.

The initial estimate of the project was approximately 650 million dollars which was increased due to the launch failure in March 2016.


After launch failure InSight was returned back to Lockheed Martin for changes.

After 7 months of travel InSight reached its destination Mars with the help of Atlas V-401 rocket.

The purpose of InSight lender is to check the Mars surface, inspect internal activities, check internal heat, evolution of Mars surface and to provide the 3D internal structure of Mars surface.




InSight is of 50 kg Total weight it contains scientific and science instruments to investigate Mars surface.

It contains cameras and other instrument that are to be used in Mars surface treatments and analysis of heat.

After landing InSight will take approximately three months to deploy all instrument. After that it will start geophysical testings.

For this mission there are two Nano satellites used for communication in real time, real time means approximately 8 minutes delay. These satellites are named as CubeSats A & B and were launched along with InSight boarding Atlas V-401 rocket.

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